Simon Hill Architect

Strawbale house

North West View

Strawbale house in the country

On a picturesque and elevated rural site, this house built in rendered strawbale, with its impressive thermal performance, is an excellent choice for the extremes of our climate. As well as Strawbale walls, there is Double Glazing, High R value insulation in frame walls, floor and skillion roof.

North East View

Stepping down the slope

This corner will have the added protection of a North and East pergola and deciduous planting for sunshade.

North View

Optimal use of site and orientation

By locating the main living spaces facing north the house has the best possible orientation for passive solar design .

East View

Shaded east windows

Windows with spectacular views down slope to the river are well shaded by the covered pergola.

North East Aerial View

North east deck

The north east deck is strategically located to capture the views and provide a place to contemplate the dramatic scenery.

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