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Simon Hill


Simon runs his practice with energy and imagination. The imagination to encompass both the conceptual level required at the initial stages of the project, through the schematic design phase, and finally focusing on the all important attention to detail required to provide an enduring and quality building.

Since graduating from Melbourne University his experience in Architecture includes over 20 years in a range of practices in Australia, Malaysia and the UK including the last 5 years running his own practice. He is inspired by all forms of architectural work from Residential to Commercial and Public buildings, from the highly conceptual to the robust and economic with a focus on utility of purpose.


Environmental Evaluation:

Contemporary Architecture is not only an Art form but requires commitment to minimising the environmental impact of the design by:

* Enhancing the social fabric through a responsible and safe interface between the building and street or landscape.

* Working to optimise the cost benefits of energy efficient and passive solar design.

* Aiming for a low carbon foot print using sustainable materials with low embodied energy in their production

* Designing for harmony between each building and its natural, social and built environments.


Aesthetics and Form

Is the building intended to make a bold or subtle statement. Site, building function and context play a significant role in aesthetics.

Buildings are also sculptures in the street or landscape and need to be carefully considered. Is their place in the landscape to be one of harmony or one of contrast and drama, continuity or exclamation.

These are complex decisions - frequently the most simple and elegant form is the best solution.

Decisions concerning aesthetics also need to embody the perspective views of both the users or patrons and those viewing the building in the landscape or built environment.

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