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Architecture, Sculpture, Art

3D and 2D art and concepts - including dynamic facades and other experimental works
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Cycle Gallery #1
View from the South East (image above)
Building Design inspired by the Alpe D'Huez, Stage 19 of the Tour De France. The proposed building functions as a gallery for cycling with retail and club facilities. The proposed roof is also a ramp for various cycling events. The proposal also has many ESD (environmentally sustainable design) features
Cycle Gallery #2
View of Main Entry from South West (image above)
Serpentine Resort #3
ESD - remote area resort with off grid power - Solar and Wind (image above)
The serpent or snake is a powerful icon in indigenous and non indigenous culture in Australia, a building inspired by this sinuous form .

Serpentine Resort #4
Night View (image above)

Proposed New Church #5
View of the Nave and east window (image above)

Architecture, Sculpture, Art

Proposed Dynamic Building Facade
Kinetic Hypersculpture #1 (image above)
This proposed dynamic building facade design is part themed on the helix.
The animated facade concept currently relies on the mechanical movement of selected facade elements.

Theoretical Possibilities for Dynamic Facades and Dynamic Buildings:
with the development of 3D and in future 4D printing and advances in building materials an inherent dynamic quality may be designed into both the cladding materials and the building structure itself.

The possibilities are wide ranging: an animated facade that responds not only for aesthetic effect, but also functionally. Functional changes may include the facade shape changing to suit ambient thermal conditions, through changes to shade and thermal mass and to affect changes to the interior lighting conditions. In a far reaching development of the dynamic facade and building concept: even structural movement may be possible so the building itself moves or rotates in order to change orientation. Ultimately a growing, shrinking and self relocating - that is a completely mobile building may be feasible
Kinetic Hypersculpture #2
red frenzy 7 (image above)
This image was created using VRML (virtual reality modelling language). It is a still image from an animation based on algorithms creating an array of movements in the x, y and z axes.
Kinetic Hypersculpture #3 - dynamic frames (image above)
This is an image from an animation for a dynamic sculpture, using the movement of the frames
Kinetic Hypersculpture #4 - planes of red black and white (image above)
image #1 - extrusion in green (image above)
image #2 - yellow mesh and red cube (image above)

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