Simon Hill Architect

Offices, Laboratories, Seed Store - International Seed Company, Victoria
Seed Development, Production and Sales Company.
Company Policy - All Seed Research Work is Non-GM

Design Focus:
on ESD, on functionality, on staff comfort and safety, appropriate design for tasks, access and circulation, ease of maintenance, high performance materials, durability and aesthetics..
Arts and Crafts:
this project incorporates the work of local artists and craftsman, adding symbolism, colour, texture and an artistic sensibility to the work and elevating the staff and visitors' experience.
Interior Design:
Suitable interiors for purpose with good lighting, both daylight and artificial light using low energy fittings. Classic and elegant proportions. Clear interior colours appropriate for work tasks and relaxation. Colours and textures suitable for the room function.
Staff Dining Room and meeting space.
High quality and high durability finishes, non slip floors. Focus on appropriate task lighting and a clean and safe work environment .
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